About VIP


VIP privilege  


Table1-VIP VS Free version

Major features Free version VIP
Support multiple maps and satellite maps
Download maps, offline browsing
Draw marks, varies of shapes and measurement
Search route and navigation
Built-in GPS and compass
Record track
Cloud storage
Share with friends
Hot search
Custom-style marks
Overall movement
Maximum objects quantity collected in Favorites 1000 More
Cloud space 1M More
Map download thread Normal Enhanced
Database size supported 32G 256T
DEM/3D satellite images
Export pictures to be printed
Searching and sorting in Favorite
Batch editing on PC
Import and export CAD
Graphics conversion and area measurement
Advanced: view profile of the trace, edit the trace point, etc.
Folder lock
Custom mark icon
Objects association (marks associate with trace)
Visit the objects shared with friends on cloud space
Download 30 meters ASTER GDEM V2elevation
Import and export excel format file (CSV format only) √When VIP level≥5
Share objects and accessories on cloud √When VIP level≥5
Excessive settings for track properties √When VIP level≥5
Labels generate circle,sector,rectangle+D24 √When VIP level≥5
Export elecation to CAD √When VIP level≥5
Import and export SHP format files √When VIP level≥5
Login Enterprise edition √When VIP level≥5


Table2-Different features with different VIP levels

  Objects quantities can be saved in Favorite Number of friends Cloud space limit Maximum pixel of exported pictures Maximum exported isoline area for single time (Square kilometers)
Free 1,000 100 - -
VIP1 5,000 300 19,999,999 -
VIP2 10,000 500 29,999,999 -
VIP3 20,000 700 39,999,999 -
VIP4 30,000 1000 49,999,999 -
VIP5 50,000 1000 59,999,999 10
VIP6 60,000 1000 69,999,999 20
VIP7 70,000 1000 79,999,999 40
VIP8 80,000 1000 89,999,999 100
VIP9 1,000,000 1000 699,999,999(3D: 200,000,000) 100000
Ÿ   Cloud space limitation means the total quantity of objects in Favorite, recycle bin and accessories in cloud space, you can extend the limit by extend the VIP binding restrictions, for example, you are VIP1, your cloud space limitation is 10Mb, and you can bound 5 devices, after you bound 10 devices your cloud space extends to 20Mb.

Ÿ   For VIP9 users, there’s no pixel boundaries when export to CAD.



Table3-Charging standards for VIP users (per year) and offline authorization charges per one device:

(USD) Ovicoin
VIP1 6 3600
VIP2 12 7200
VIP3 18 10800
VIP4 24 14400
VIP5 30 18000
VIP6 36 21600
VIP7 42 25200
VI8 48 28800
VIP9 120 72000
Ÿ   1 USD equals to 600 Ovicoin, please purchase no less than 3 months for each time.

⸰         when you upgrade your VIP level: the remaining time in old VIP account will be converted and added into new VIP account. For example, before upgrade the VIP1 account still have 6 months, after purchase 1-year VIP2 the remaining time in VIP2 account is 1year plus 3 months), 6 months VIP1 equals to 3 months VIP2.

⸰         Not allowed to downgrade until expires.

Ÿ   Each VIP account can bound 5 devices by default, once logged in, the VIP account will be bonded with the current device, you can extend the device number on VIP Management page on PC.

Ÿ   Explained specially, after version 7.0, VIP5 and above level users can link to enterprise server, limit to 3 devices for each VIP account (one PC and two cellphone or pad) but not allowed visit simultaneously.

Ÿ   Offline authorized VIP account only can be bounded with 1 device, offline authorization means users can authorize only one device through bounding the machine code with the authorization code.

⸰         The offline authorized device should be reconnecting the internet to logged in ovital account, the VIP privilege for the device will be covered by new VIP account (please use with cautions), after logoff the VIP account will be recovered. if recovered failed please authorize again use the original offline authorization code (when your machine code is not changed)

Ÿ   Ovitalmap may have compatibility problems on some of machines, frequently changedmachine codemakes VIP cannot be bounded effectively, please confirm before purchase that the machine code will not be change when the machine startup (You can find machine code through Help--VIP management), please do not purchase if the machine code keeps changing.