Privacy Policy

Ovitalmap make much efforts to protect user privacy. Please read and understand this agreement. Once you determine to use Ovitalmap, it will mean you have choose to accept the agreement.

  • Information-Gathering

Ovitalmap will keep user information in storage to provide better services. User should keep the information updated when it changed, and promise it to be true. Ovitalmap will not take responsibility for any result caused by your incorrect information,And also Ovitalmap will not take responsibility for the leakages of confidential information because of hacker or negligence of user. Please let us aware of it if they happen.

  • Using Information
  1. Ovitalmap will provide customized services base on the user information to user.
  2. Ovitalmap never to share the user information with the third part before we get the user paper authorization;
  • Information Security

We would attach importance to information-security, and use a variety of technology to prevent the information from Unauthorized access.